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About Us

We believe you should be able to show your passion for your wheels and wings in your everyday life- from the clothing you wear to the way you decorate your home.  Your lifestyle and your passions go hand in hand.

Our products are thoughtfully designed and created in our studio by artisans who live their passion daily.  We have over 30 years of experience in the design and apparel business and an equal amount in the world of wheels and wings.

We have a strong commitment in providing you with quality products, top rate personal customer service and a good online shopping experience.



***We have recently been personally affected by prostate cancer, and have been passionately moved to donate to the non-profit,  Zero-The End of Prostate Cancer.

***We will donate a portion of the proceeds from your purchase to ZERO-The End of Prostate Cancer, to help put an END to PROSTATE CANCER.  This organization is fighting to end prostate cancer and provide EDUCATION and SUPPORT to men and their families who have been affected by prostate cancer. 

Visit www.ZEROCANCER.org for more information. And THANK YOU for your support!!